STARCO solid tyre manufacturing

To meet the exacting demands of Fork Lift Truck applications, STARCO has established a solid tyre factory in Sri Lanka, to produced the TUSKER and UNICORN range of FLT tyres.

In 2006 STARCO identified the Fork Lift Truck market as an area of potential growth. Despite the widespread use of solid tyres for FLT applications, the existing products on the market did not fully satisfy the needs of FLT users. In pursuit of a better product, STARCO developed the TUSKER range of FLT tyres.

Rather than manufacturing such tyres as a niche production activity in a traditional pneumatic tyre factory, STARCO established its own manufacturing operation in Sri Lanka, which since 2012 has handled the manufacture of STARCO FLT tyres.

The manufacture of solid rubber tyres for heavy duty applications is largely a question of the correct combination and processing of raw-materials. With its location in Sri Lanka, our factory has access to the best expertise in the field of rubber formulation and processing, giving the company – for the first time in relation to tyre manufacturing – complete control of the process from the raw material to the distribution of the finished product.

The STARCO Tusker range of solid rubber tyres is delopment with the latest technology and manufactured at STARCO's own factories. STARCO has engineered it with quality natural rubber compaunds and a mordern and highly functional design.

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Following the success of the STARCO Tusker tyre range, STARCO has developed the Unicorn tyre to meet the needs of Fork Lift Truck operators who require an economical tyre solution for single-shift FLT operations, yet with the same excellent performance and endurance characteristics as the famous STARCO Tusker tyre.

  1. Download the STARCO Unicorn brochure